What’s In a Name?

We get asked a lot about our name, Risen Legacy. Where did it come from, and what does it mean to us?

Here’s a little back story. My mom was a cosmetologist, so I grew up as her guinea pig. She was always doing my hair and nails, and I loved it. It quickly became a hobby of mine. Soon, I sculpted my dream: to do nails and own my own beauty business.

I’ve always wanted to help women feel beautiful. I’ve always wanted to have a nail line that’s affordable, so everyone can feel pretty.

So, the search began. My husband and I searched high and low to find a high-quality, professional-grade product that DYI-ers could purchase without a license. Once we found the perfect ingredients that we could customize ourselves, we set my dream business in motion. But, what to call it?

I settled upon “Legacy” because it reminds me that it’s always been my dream to have a nail business. And I decided to add “Risen” before it, because it’s only possible to have this business because of God. We try to incorporate our Savior into everything we do!

Thank you so much for supporting us on this dream of a journey. I welcome your comments and suggestions, so reach out at [email protected]!

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