Treat Your Risen Legacy Liquids Right!

Let’s talk about your Risen Legacy liquids and how to maintain them for long life. We take great pride in the quality and durability of our products, and we want you to be empowered with all the knowledge you need to care for them properly so they’ll serve you well for many months.

How to Clean Risen Legacy Bottles so They Shut Properly
The Risen Legacy Base Coat and Top Coat contain strong adhesives that are responsible for the bonding that causes long-lasting durability of your finished nails. If any of the product gets on the threads around the bottle neck, it will cause the lid to adhere to the bottle, which makes it hard to open and prohibits a proper seal. If the threads have dried product on them, the lid will appear tight, but it’s NOT! Without a proper seal, your Base Coat and Top Coat can become thick and stringy. Plus, your other liquids can begin to evaporate.

We recommend cleaning the bottle neck threads after each use with acetone on a lint free cotton cloth or lint free paper towel (watch our how-to video!), while making sure you DO NOT get any acetone inside the bottles. Once the threads are cleansed, we recommend putting a small amount of our cuticle oil or Vaseline on the threads (watch our how-to video!) to make it easier to open the next time.

How to Store Risen Legacy Products
Risen Legacy products should be stored in a cool, dry place. Many of the products, especially the powders, are very sensitive to moisture. We recommend that you DO NOT store the products in the bathroom, as it is a high-humidity environment with rapid temperature changes. Also, avoid areas of direct sunlight, as the UV rays can break down some of the liquids and alter their chemistry. 

When to Replace Risen Legacy Products
Liquids should be replaced when they get low or when they have remained open to air for too long. Our liquids are self revealing as to when they need replaced, so pay close attention to their consistency. Performance is key for early detection of old liquids. 

Watch this video for Natalie’s tips on how to maintain your Risen Legacy bottles for long-lasting performance!

FAQs and More Tips
If you have any more questions about Risen Legacy products, please check out our FAQ page and subscribe to our Youtube channel for exclusive tutorials and detailed how-to videos.

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Greetings, friends! The year 2021 is already a few weeks old, and time is flying. I hope your New Year’s resolutions are still going strong! I thought I’d share a personal resolution and one for the company.

My personal New Year’s resolutions is to be better at time management. I often get stretched trying to be everything for everyone (motherly duties included), and it’s easy for me to get busy and lose track of time. 

I am excited to say that our resolution for Risen Legacy is to continue to empower and inspire all women and make them feel beautiful. We’ll strive in 2021 to create new collections and add value to each of them. We are excited to continue providing you with great, new products that are not only beautiful, but cost effective and safe. 

As we look to the rest of 2021, we promise to continue bringing you the highest-quality beauty products and help you feel beautiful every day.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 

May our Good Lord keep you and bless you today and always!


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