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How To Use Your Dipping Kit

1. Buff all nails, making sure to get all the surface of the nail. Then apply #1 Prep & Bond.

2. One nail at a time: Apply a thin layer of the #2 Base Coat to ¾ of the nails, staying away from the nail bed. Then dip into the clear Pure Diamond acrylic powder. Proceed with all nails, then remove excess powder with our Kabuki brush.

3. One nail at a time: Apply a thin layer of the #2 Base Coat to the full nail, being careful not to get any on the cuticle. Quickly dip into a Risen Legacy colored acrylic powder at a 45 degree angle. Proceed with all nails. Remove the excess powder using the Kabuki brush.

4. Repeat Step 3 for the second layer of colored acrylic powder.

5. Repeat the process once more using the clear Risen Legacy Pure Diamond acrylic powder.

6. Liberally apply #3 Activator to all nails and let air dry for approximately two minutes. Apply a second layer of #3 Activator, and let dry for two minutes.

7. File and shape nails, then buff to smooth the surfaces.

8. Cleanse nails, preferably with Risen Legacy’s Nail Cleanser, to remove any excess filings.

9. Apply #4 Air Dry Top Coat with quick, thin strokes to all nails and let dry for four minutes.

10. Apply a second coat of #4 Air Dry Top Coat for a shiny, beautiful finish, allowing four minutes to completely dry.

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I am experiencing lifting, what causes this?

If lifting is experienced there are typically a few general causes:

When initially filing/buffing the nail, make sure to get all surfaces of the nail, then make sure the Prep and Bond is applied over the entire nail, including edges and the front of the nail (if the nail is not capped well, the dip powder will lift at the front edges of the nail). The Prep and Bond is a PH adjusting product that also dehydrates the nail which allows the base coat to adhere to the nail better.

When applying the Air Dry Top Coat, make sure the nail has been properly cleansed with our Nail Cleanser to remove all the nail powder dust. The Top Coat must be laid in a uniform manner making sure all sides and the front edges are “capped”. This will prevent the product from lifting at both the edges and the front of the nail. Make sure when applying the Base Coat to not get any of the product on the actual cuticle or any surrounding skin, as this will not adhere and allow moisture and air to get under the finished nail which will cause lifting.

What happens if I nick one of my nails before it is dry?

If a nail is nicked or messed up before it is dry, allow it to finish drying and then you must file and buff the nail again and re-apply the first, thin layer again, wait 2 minutes, and apply second coat. You CANNOT just lick the nail, like with regular fingernail polish, and smooth out the messed-up area. Licking it will cause the Top Coat to have a whitish, hazy appearance, only resulting in having to re-do that particular nail.

Why does my top coat look like it contains bubbles or seems like there is a film/streak rather than a normal shine?

Make sure the Activator has time to completely dry (approximately 2 minutes) before you apply the Top Coat. After the Activator is dry, the nail should be shaped and buffed then wiped with our Nail Cleanser. Once this is completed, the Top Coat should be applied; 1st coat should be applied quick and thin. We recommend you do all 5 fingers on one hand at once and by the time you finish, the first nail should be dry. Applying the Top Coat before the Activator is dry, will cause the Top Coat to be distorted, causing bubbles or a streaking appearance to occur. Also, applying the second layer of Top Coat over an undried 1st layer of Top Coat will cause the same distortion.

Also, if the appearance of bubbles or likewise appearance is visible, the possible cause could be a contaminated brush. If you have used the Top Coat within the standard 2-minute dry time, you may have contaminated the Top Coat brush and/or liquid with undried acrylic powder. Once the powder gets in the brush, it can look like “bubbles” on the top coat. If you think this may have happened, take your brush out and wipe with a lint free paper towel, then soak your brush in the “Brush Extender” for 15 minutes. Take the brush out, wipe it again with the lint free paper towel. Repeat these steps until there is no contamination on the brush (typically once or twice is sufficient).

How do I remove my dipped nail set or acrylic nail set?

We recommend the use of our 100% acetone. It is easiest to soak a cotton ball in the acetone and place on the nail, then wrap aluminum foil around the cotton ball and finger to hold in place and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. There are nail clips that can be purchased that will hold the soaked cotton ball in place or trays that can be filled with acetone. A bowl is also fine to use. If using a bowl, warming the acetone can speed up the soaking off process. A way to warm is as follows:

Get a plastic ziploc bag and add either paper towel or cotton balls in it and then soak down with some acetone. Then add some water in a bowl and heat the water up, then place the bag in the water and simply soak your nails in the bag. Also, periodically scrapping the nails with a cuticle pusher or a hard stick object will help remove the acrylic a little quicker. You can also stop, let your nails dry, and file them a bit then continue to soak to remove the acrylic as well.

The lid on my base coat and/or top coat appears to be stuck. What has happened?

Both the Base Coat and Top Coat contain very strong adhesives that are responsible for the bonding that causes long lasting durability of the finished nails. If any of the product gets on the threads on the bottle neck it will cause the lid to adhere to the bottle which makes it hard to open.

  • NEVER use heated water or other source of heat to help unstick bottle. These products are very sensitive to heat and light, both of which can affect the underlying chemical makeup.
  • NEVER use pliers or other tools to try and open the bottles.
  • NEVER try and soak the lid off in acetone or other liquids.
  • NEVER hit the lid on any surface trying to loosen

We recommend cleaning the bottles neck threads after each use with acetone making sure you DO NOT get any inside the bottles. After it is cleansed, you can put a small amount of cuticle oil or Vaseline on the threads to make it easier to open the next time.

My dipped nails have grown out; can I fill the nails or do I need to remove and re-apply?

You can refill lighter colors, but this is hard to do on dipped nails. For most color applications we recommend removing the entire nail set. If you are attempting a fill, we recommend you lightly file a thin layer of all the old dip powder off, attempting to smooth the transition from the old dip powder to the newly grown nail. Use our Nail Cleanser to clean the nail, then begin the set as if dipping a new set. The most difficult part of this is filing the old dip powder off, making the transition into the new growth of the nail smooth. This can be done, but is difficult even for most nail technicians. We recommend just removing the set and putting on a fresh, new set. I mean, that is what is fabulous about our product. You have everything you need right there to have a fresh, new set at all times.

Why do I feel stuffy/congested after doing my nails?

If you experience any stuffiness or congestion after or while you are doing your nails, you could be reacting to one of the products. If this happens, we recommend you wear a mask and always make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area. If this does not prevent the irritation, we suggest to temporarily stop using the product and get some fresh air.