Cotton Candy


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1oz jars (35-40 dips from one jar)

Shimmer Color

(Must Shake Before Each Use As Some Pigments and Glitters May Settle)

Risen Legacy's 2 in 1 Acrylic Powders are specifically designed for (best) use with our liquids. The acrylic is fine, smooth, and has great flow characteristics.

This advanced engineered product has the best qualities of both worlds for both dipping and acrylic (use with monomer) nails.

The powders are a 2 in 1 meaning they can be used as dipping powder and can also be used with our monomer Our acrylic powders are easy to use and very predictable producing pleasing aesthetics for both nail technicians and customer.

Need help getting started?

Visit our FAQ page for help with any issues, safety precautions, and complete directions on how to use Risen Legacy products.

Don’t Forget!

Colored dipping powders work best when used with our Primer & BondAid, Base Coat, Activator, AirDry Top Coat, and Pure Diamond Acrylic Powder. Every colored powder is mixed and formulated to work with Risen Legacy’s unique dipping system for best results although they will work with other quality liquids.