Fall In Love Collection


Feeling the Fall Vibes yet? Us too! Grab our NEW "Fall In Love" Collection today and get ready for the cooler weather with warmer undertones!! Collection is available in 1 oz and .5 oz sizes.

Collection Includes:

Sunrise ( A color-shifting glittered acrylic)

Berry Me (Solid berry color)

Beach Bum (Solid nude that GLOWS green)

Sandcastle (multi-colored nude glittered acrylic)

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Don’t Forget!

Colored dipping powders work best when used with our Primer & BondAid, Base Coat, Activator, AirDry Top Coat, and Pure Diamond Acrylic Powder. Every colored powder is mixed and formulated to work with Risen Legacy’s unique dipping system for best results although they will work with other quality liquids.